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Ullman Kiteboarding launches Summer 2019

Thriving on constant change brought about by innovation, we’ve teamed up with the design team at South Easter Kites to bring Ullman Kiteboarding to market.

Ullman Kiteboarding will not only appeal to those that have come to know and trust Ullman Sails over the past 52 years, but to all those who share a common love of Water, Wind and Waves.

Having undergone extreme testing at the Cape of Storms over the past two years, we are confident in providing the ultimate enjoyment for riders looking for that little extra detail.

We remain true to the traditional craft of sailmaking while seamlessly fusing modern innovation by designing and building our kites in-house at our world class facility in Cape Town.

Experience passion at play.
Experience Ullman Kiteboarding.

Arriving Summer 2019.
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