Affectionately referred to as the sweet-spot kite.

The Onyx is a modern hybrid 3-strut kite. A good

all-round performance kite liked by intermediate

to advanced riders. The Onyx excels in difficult

conditions. Being an agile, fast turning kite, it is

enjoyed by waves riders while the good power

delivery generated gives wake-style riders the

lift they crave.

SIZE 5-6-7-8-9-10-11-12

Ullman Kiteboarding Onyx Construction.jpg


Our 360 + 1 Strategy assures ultimate control over every step in the production process. Every seam is glued, then stitched and permanently bonded with the aid of electronic sewing machines. We combine R&D, Design and Manufacturing under one roof. Working closely together, each department provides direct feedback to deliver a high quality product . This, combined with True Craftsmanship and our own in-house training program, provides continuity, giving improved quality control on our kites.

Ullman Kiteboarding Direct Drive.jpg

Direct Drive

The combination of fibre reinforced film in the wing tips, Technora Bridles and UHMPE Trailing edge allow for a more direct feeling in the Kite.

This allows us to liven-up the larger kites above 10m and make the smaller kites more stable in strong wind.

The Technora Bridles offer a lower creep and stretch than conventional bridle systems. The UHMPE Trailing edge gives a more stable Trailing edge.