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Osprey Description

Our key focus with the Osprey was to design a Wing that is easy to handle. With this in mind, we wanted to excel on downwinders and waves riding. A stiff frame provides a stable platform, giving excellent power delivery when pumping. The rapid lift and acceleration lifts you up and onto the foil sooner. This has been achieved by finely tuning the leading edge diameter specifically for each size.

The medium aspect ratio and rounded wingtips keep the wing out the water and in the air, while giving a light flying sensation. Multiple handles offer intuitive hand placement on any tack. We’ve spent a lot of time getting the handles positioned perfectly. The handles themselves are constructed out of a UHMWPE cover with soft internal cushioning. The Handles are carefully placed and sized to allow for easy transitions. The front handle is spaced and sized to prevent overflying when transitioning, resulting in perfect control of the wing.

We have incorporated harness loops on the handles for those wishing to use a harness. A handle on the leading edge offers easy handling if the wing becomes inverted, or for holding the wing in a wind neutral position. The small Y handles are placed to control the Yaw when jumping or when lifting up the wing from the water when launching. The Dihedral angle has been further refined to give and better airflow and canopy tension. This results in a much tighter canopy profile. We have improved the wind range dramatically of the wing.


Technical Specifications

We spent a large amount of time on the geometry of the leading edge and the canopy. The combination of tension and variable angles across the leading edge allowed us to construct a stable profile in all wind conditions. We reduced the  V-shape in the first two segments gives better tension.  which then gets smoothed out to the sides, making the wing agile and stable. This stability comes to the forefront when flagging the wing and is a crucial control factor.

We also adjusted the leading edge diameter per segment and per size to a specific diameter. Then we developed and new split strut construction. The seam is placed on the apex of the leading edge fairing out towards the tips.  The inside of the seam is reinforced a UHMWPE  yarn. This increased the durability and supports the geometry of the wing.

We also introduced and specific leading-edge construction which takes the specific textile expansion and stresses of a wing into consideration. This reduces the chance of a leading-edge blow out as the seams are supported with enough material not to damage the textile. We recommend that you inflate all our wings to 8 PSI.


This pressure reduces the negative flex of the wing which reduces panel to collapse. The direct result is a crisp and fast power delivery when pumping and maintaining control when over powered. Windows Large Windows provide an optimal view of your surroundings. The Windows are cut into the profile and improve the safety while on the water.

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3,2m, 3.7m, 4,2m, 4.7m, 5.2m, 6,2m


CC1 Black White, CC2 White / Black, CC3 Blue / White, CC4 White/ Blue

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