Wing Surfing is the sport of board riding while holding a dihedral inflatable kite.

If you are searching for the endless wave on a foil or simply to cruise on a SUP, the HAWK Wing is perfect.

Deriving our knowledge from kite manufacturing, we have opted for a Twin-Strut Design. This allows accurate control by enabling quick de-power or sheet in and fly, appealing to novices and experienced pilots alike.



Technical Specifications

Leading Edge

We made use of industry standard Dacron. All seams are glued and then stitched. We have integrated an internal reinforcement on the lower apex of the Leading Edge.

The optimized Dihedral Angle prevents the wing touching the water when in inflight on a foil or SUP. It also offers stability in light wind and transitions.

Canopy Construction

The Canopy is manufactured out of industry-leading Rip Stop Cloth. All Seams are stuck and then sewn with computer controlled triple-stitch zig-zag machines.

A safety window manufactured from high grade X Ply has been inserted to give the rider a clear field of view.

TSD and Y Handle

The Combination of a “Y” shaped handle and our Twin Strut Design (TSD) offers perfect control of the wing. This truly comes into play in water-starts, by allowing you to shift into prime position giving you complete control and rapid acceleration. (More active vertical position giving you boost)

The front Y Handle gives you the ultimate handle control while in transitions allowing you to change direction effortlessly.

The Handles are made out of laminated materials offering a soft and comfortable grip reducing hand fatigue on those extended sessions.

Hose Adapter Garage

Have you ever arrived at your spot only to realize that you forgot your pump . After frantically searching and finding a pump you notice the adapter does not fit ?

Well, we have a solution: We have attached an adapter to the wing for easy inflate access. It tucks neatly away when not needed, saving you effort and maximizing your time on the water.

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