Ullman Hyper glide foil

HYPER Glide 1600

The  Hyper Glide.

The patented system allows you to use the same foil whether kitesurfing, wing surfing or SUP foiling, increasing the stoke while decreasing the cost of the sport. Our Anhydrial front wing keeps you from breaching on those sharp turns while our adjustable tail wing increases the angle of attack to suit your riding style.

If you’re just starting out on the foil, the standard set-up suits you best, while advanced riders have the ability to trim for that extra performance. The patented pivoting wedge system allows you to easily adjust the foil quickly, without tools, to suit conditions and riding preference. Our fuselage is also adjustable. Moving the tail wing back gives more stability. Moving the tail wing forward will offer greater maneuverability.

Our Hyper Glide has a 1600cm2 front wing and 85cm mast.



Technical Specifications

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