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Falcon Series

The Falcon Max is a new breed of wing low aspect ratio and compact power. The wing has been designed to Push the limits on flat water and freestyle. The Bar offers ultimate control in all transitions and situations. The Frame is extremely stiff but still possesses a good feeling and feedback. When sheeting the bar in on feels the direct and the stable frame. Leading-edge twist or distortion is limited by our patented Bow Reflex Technology. The stability comes to play when pushing the profile while jumping, pumping, or simply riding in strong wind.


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When one combines a stable leading edge and a well-managed canopy tension then you reduce Canopy billow amongst other elements. Canopy billow is when the profile deforms while loading the wing. Managing these two elements control the overall stability of the wing. Removing the window further allowed us to refine the canopy tension, these steps all lead to a more stable profile and a more efficient perform wing.


We have developed a relatively low Dihedral angel the angel ratio is developed for the demands of freestyle. Yet the wing still has good flag stability. The Wing is designed with a low aspect ratio appearing square outline. The Aspect ratio is close to two but is specifically set for each size varying between 2,1 and 2,25. We stepped the wing tip coroner over 4 LE segments. This cornering method increases the stability without needing increasing the diameter of the leading edge leading to less twist in the profile. The geometry is supported by the inflation of the leading edge to 8 PSI for riders above 85 kg and 7,5 PSI for riders below 85 kg. The strut should be inflated to 8 PSI and is not connected to the LE. Apart from Pressure and Geometry, we have inserted and textile Bow Refax Technology to the lower apex of the Leading edge. These textiles act as leaf springs and reduce the demand for extremely high pressure. Bar The Bar is attached via our 1,2,3 concept and direct attached to the lowest apex of the leading edge. The Carbon bar gives you a clear cockpit. With a 120 cm space to control the wing in every situation.


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