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The Drift

Falcon Series

The Ultimate dream, gliding on the ocean, propelled by the ocean swell and a bit of wind. Alternatively , getting pushed along at warp speed harnessing every inch of power efficiently and converting into speed.

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The swapped back frame is the first thing you notice followed by a direct balanced feeling between the back and front hand. The relatively higher dihedral on this Wing provides ultimate stability when flying. Once you are up you immediately feel the stable profile driving you forward. Gradually speeding you up looking for the first opportunity of lift. Even a novice will want to start searching for his first launch. During the transition the ease of the bar lets you control the foil, water, and chop. No need to find or look for a handle. The Bar position on the leading edge allows for a quick and easy grab between handle and bar.

The Drift offers big power and lifts in the upper wind range of each size, which is still manageable due to the stiff stable frame. The opposite is also true in light wind, when you want to just get going the compact shape and stiff frame gives you the necessary bottom end grunt to get going with a relatively small foil front wing. We developed a larger diameter center leading edge and reduced the size towards the wing tip progressively exponential, resulting in a solid drive with a soft control in gusts.

Doing most of our R&D in Cape Town we made sure the wing excels in some of our wild downwind conditions and wave riding. Not forgetting about flatwater riders who want to Speed and drive upwind the Drift is the best solution for wave riding when considering the fixability of a bar. No doubt you can’t go wrong.


At first glance, the Drift can be defined as a long sweeping wing with a harmonic curve on the Leading Edge. The curving leading edge thins out towards the trailing edge and wingtip. The Aspect ratio is set between 2.6 and 2.45 which is specifically set for each wing as well as each leading Edge diameter. The Last segment is perpendicular to the centre cord. Therefore the wing can be described as a drawn-out shape.

We have increased the diameter at the leading edge, in the centre. This results in a deeper profile and more lift in the centre of the wing. The thinner wingtips allow the profile to breathe. This you feel, when riding in gusty and strong conditions.

We worked specifically on the canopy tension. Specific tension on the profile entry allows a smooth entry. The larger panels were designed with a canopy slack in the last ¼ on the first 3 centre panels. This flattens out once the wing is under load.

The wingtip finishes at around 90 % of the centre cord length measured from the front. The trailing edge has a clear negative scallop. The Negative scallop keeps the trailing edge clean and only has a small claw development under the trailing edge. This “trailing edge claw” can be clearly observed on America cup Boat sails, especially during a high lead time when getting on to a foil.

The Claw will disappear once riding. The Higher scallop tension reduces the use of battens and therefore reduces the weight of the wing. The savings in weight and a finely adjusted angle of attack make the wing stable in a neutral position. This is particularly important when riding waves or riding downwind when flagging out the wing.

During our R&D phase, we found that the open or closed dihedral angles play a very big role in wings design. The DRIFT is the wing in our ring with the highest Dihedral angle. The Dihedral angle also stabilizes the wing and helps to control it.

This gives the wing power with a relatively wide leading edge in the center of the wing. The wide LE in the center allowed us to compromise on the canopy profile depth. This compromise is key to controlling the overall canopy tension. Canopy tension is Key, especially on the entry of the profile. There is a marginal slack in the back ¼ of the wing when in a neutral position. The Slack tightens out once the wing is loaded.

With the aid of the CFT, we have added an additional method to our design arsenal. When developing the 2022 range we have reduced the amounts of panels and unnecessary reinforcements.


Construction is our heritage but this means nothing if you have no control of the process. All wings are designed and produced in our own manufacturing facility. Where we can specify all steps and details specifically to wings, after all, we are building wings, not kites. All wings are manufactured with Vision 48 high rip stop utilizing the highest quality high tenacity polyester yarns.

All leading edge seams are reinforced, in critical segments, we make additional composite reinforced tapes and bindings. This Composite tape is unique to us.


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